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1st Law
No Money, No Wife
No Wife, No Life
Therefore, Vashi Bridge

2nd Law
For success one MUST have the Blood group as FMH (Finance-Marketing-HR) and not A+ or B+ etc

3rd Law
There are no free lunches and no free dinner.
When I take you out for a cup of coffee, I want my coffee back.
(You got to repay it either in cash or in kind -- either today or tomorrow)

4th Law
Cost is a Reality Price is Politics

5th Law
There is no opportunity lost in the Market place
If you don’t grab it somebody else will

6th Law
Every one is good friend only the degree of goodness varies.
There are No Permanent Enemies or Permanent Friends

7th Law
For success you need FIRE in the belly

8th Law
Leaders set the rules of the game Followers follow the rule of the game

9th Law
There is no right or wrong decision.
Right or wrong is always decided after the event is over

10th Law
If you are Passionate about what you are doing, even if you lose history will remember you.

11th Law
Power Corrupts absolutely and absolute Power Corrupts absolutely

12th Law
You can take the horse to the pond
But how much to drink, when to drink, how to drink
Is dependant on the horse.

13th Law
There are NO stupid questions, only stupid answers.
Consequently you have the right to ask a question and I have the right whether to answer the question or not.

14th Law
There are two things over which you have no control
1. Birth details (e.g. where will you be born, to whom will you be born etc)
2. Death Details (e.g. when you will die, how you will die etc) and
When you are in service
3. Boss Details (who will be your boss, how he will react etc)

15th Law
No one can predict the Future—not even the Gods in Heavens.

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